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How we turn ideas and designs into high-quality pieces in under a week

We treat our work as art, and hope that each individual customer -regardless of the size of complexity of the design - come away from our process fully satisfied and with a stunning end product. We are dedicated to staying educated in industry trends and using state-of-the-art technologies while still respecting the artistry and experience of our talented team. (It could start here: ) Our streamlined process combines just the right amount of interaction and action to guarantee a beautiful product in a short amount of time; producing the quality and craftsmanship that DMJ casting has become known for. 

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Model/Design Making

Time commitment: 1-2 days

Whether you have an intricate idea and measurements ready, or would like help from an industry professional to create your design, we guide you through the process until you have the perfect model. Each design we create is unique, and we collaborate with our clients via email, phone calls, and in-person meetings if local to the area. 

3-D Printing

Time commitment: 1-2 days

After the design is perfected and approved for printing, we offer various 3-D printing technologies to accommodate a range of budgets and order sizes. At this stage, we will re-evaluate the design and confirm that it is perfect. After printing, one of a kind pieces may be cast in a variety of metals, with options ranging from rose gold to platinum. For large orders, or unique items you may wish to cast again in the future, the 3-D print will be used for mold-making. 

For jewelers and designers, our quick file upload ensures a secure, timely delivery of your design and a near-immediate turnaround for printing.

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Mold Making

Time commitment: 1-2 days

We offer a large variety of mold options with little to no shrinkage and lifelong shelf lives. One of our employees will walk you through the process, and help meet your goals with the best mold option, whether it be our rubber, blue, silicone, or clear silicone options. As the last step before casting, we help you detect any imperfections in the mold to ensure a smooth, defect-free final product.


Wax Injection is also available for orders large and small. We are experienced in dealing with large orders of over 1,000 pieces.

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Time commitment: 1-2 days

Casting is our art, and no matter if you are casting from a mold you already have, or creating a design from scratch with us, we are dedicated to providing the finest work in the industry. We work with all metals, and take pride in sourcing eco-friendly metals that will last a lifetime.

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Laser Repair

Time commitment: 1-2 days

As a complimentary service and a way to ensure we meet the highest of standards with every job, we offer laser repair for all of our castings, no matter the order size. One of our professional quality control specialist will look over the product for any minor flaws, and allow you to do the same. Though rare, if any imperfections are detected we will use laser technology to perfect the piece. 

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